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Osteopathy is an established system of clinical diagnosis and manual treatment, which examines the whole of the person, not just the symptoms, in searching for the cause of the problem.



Our Osteopaths Charlotte Dumper and Sharon Forty are highly trained professionals.



Osteopathy is well known for treatment of musculoskeletal pain but it treats much more. If your complaint is not listed here please contact us to discuss.


Your first

During your first visit a complete case history is taken, which includes finding out every detail of the complaint you wish to have resolved.


Oceanic Osteopathy

Dedicated Specialists in Cranial Osteopathy, based on the North Shore, Auckland. We help people of all ages with their aches and pains using gentle Osteopathic techniques to improve the body's alignment and function. Our osteopaths have a great passion and skill for treating the whole family especially new-born babies, children and women during/after pregnancy.

As Recommended in NZ Herald, Viva


You can self-refer without first filling out an ACC form...


Health Insurance

Many health insurance companies reimburse osteopath treatment costs...


Our Osteopaths are registered ACC providers.

This means you can self-refer without first filling out an ACC form with your doctor. We can do this at the clinic when you come in for your treatment.

We can also treat an existing ACC injury that has been treated by another practitioner if the claim is current (within 12 months of the injury).

A number of major health insurance companies reimburse osteopath treatment costs.
Check with your insurance provider.

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